I don’t know if you are aware, but the August energy…yes—energy, not weather, was already being intuited as a grey, murky, and sticky one; given to potential tumult in relationships, communications, and general feelings of destabilization.  Certainly with all that is happening in Afghanistan and Haiti, not to mention the rising variant COVID cases around us, there is plenty of evidence to support those intuitions.   I certainly feel I have been confronted with that grey gloomy stuff since the beginning of the month and maybe you have too.

I have learned several really good techniques to stay centered, focused, and grounded and thought I would share them here with you.

  1. JUST BREATHE. No, really.  Slow, deep breathing are really important to both your body and psyche right now.  When you feel your emotions going into overdrive, go off alone (outside is best), sit with your feet on the ground, back straight, cross your hands, place them on the center of your chest near your heart and BREATHE DEEPLY.  Inhale to a count of 3, hold, exhale to a count of 3.  Repeat at least 4 times or more until you feel yourself shift inside.  You will definitely feel a “shift” within.  Remember the Scripture, “BE STILL and KNOW THAT I AM GOD.” (Psalm 46.10)
  1. “LET GO, LET GOD.” Use this phrase as a mantra when you find yourself unable to accept what you may perceive as the “unacceptable.”  For example, on the road to an appointment and finding more traffic than you expected you suddenly realize you will be late, just let go of the worry, judgment, and mind chatter that forms the drama around being late.  Choose to let it go into the mystery of GOD so that you can remain present in the NOW.  This one always prevents me from moving off into some storyline in my head that is not in the least helpful to my mind or my blood pressure!  Scriptural reference:  “You shall keep them in perfect Peace, whose mind remains on you.”  (cf. Is 26.:3)  GOD’s Presence is NOW.
  1. Find SOLITUDE in nature. This means no earbuds or others talking with you.  It means paying attention to the rhythm of nature around you—the call of birds, the flutter of leaves, the scampering of a squirrel or rabbit, the passing clouds in the sky.  Mother Nature herself is the great healer if we will allow her to be.  Even sitting on the patio and watching birds come and go is healing.  Anything that disconnects us from our usual mind chatter is satisfactory. Sorry, but this isn’t the time to read that book either.  My Scriptural reference here is Psalm 19: 1-6.

These are my favorite ways to help me move quickly into a more balanced, energetic state of being. They have done wonders so far this month.  So, what about you?  Especially those of you who are more kinetically-informed than I am.  What do y’all do to stay focused, centered, and grounded these days?  Let me hear from you!

Breathing—in—and out—

Freda Marie+