Dear Folks,

On this snowy, 11th day of Christmas, I offer you the poem I wrote for the 4:00 service on Christmas Eve. Here’s to the promise of a new year, for peace and good will, for brighter days in 2018 for our city and all people, everywhere.  Love, David

‘Twas the night before Christmas
throughout the Charm City,
where wreaths had been hung
and the houses made pretty

from Fells Point to Guilford,
from east side to west,
the children were scrubbed
and looking their best

to welcome St. Nick
and his sack full of toys,
to Govans and Hampden
where he’ll find girls and boys.

They’re at Paul’s Place in Pigtown
and Homeland, right here.
We’ll leave cookies and milk
or a Natty Boh beer.

Think of every good gift
In this place near Old Bay:
Visionary Arts, Parks and People,
Living Classrooms, BMA

There’s Goucher, Loyola
John Waters I’ve seen,
Johns Hopkins, Under Armour,
And Mary our Queen.

The stockings are hung
by the chimneys with care,
with hopes that the Ravens
can answer our prayer.

And go to the play-offs
and make us Bird-proud,
with Flacco in charge
of the M & T crowd.

And speaking of Birds
here’s the Oriole’s line-up:
Machado’s not traded,
and Aquino has signed-up.

Now that’s enough sports
on this most holy night,
when Jesus is found
‘neath a star shining bright.

To say to the nations
A savior is born
And spread the good news
Of the first Christmas morn.

The angels, they tell it
to the mountains they sing
of a stable lamp lighted.
Glad tidings they bring.

On dark streets is shining
a light that won’t dim
when folks near and far
tell the story of him,

who was born to a girl,
who had nothing at all,
so that all could be saved,
the least and the small.

And each could lend strength
to the ones who are weak.
So the rich serve the poor,
and the voiceless can speak.

Our call is to love
and to heal and to raise,
to make straight crooked paths,
to do justice, give praise

to the one who brings peace,
and goodness, and light.
Merry Christmas to all,
and to all a good night!