Recently, a friend mentioned that we were NOT necessarily living in unprecedented times, because every generation believed its times were without comparison:  WWI, The Great Depression, WWII, the Vietnam era, etc.  He said that this meant our period of history is just like any other of past generations.  I concede that this may be true for past generations, but for this current generation, the times we are living are unparalleled!  Which brings me to my point:  You really need to give yourself a Break!

We are often our own worse critics and if there is one thing we have learned over these past 6 months, it is that the way we live our lives now should be a marathon and NOT a sprint.  Nevertheless, we are often highly self-critical for the things we are not doing or being instead of honoring and loving who we are as we are.  I mean, that is how Jesus loves us.  So, instead of criticizing ourselves for not physically feeling in tip-top shape, not wanting to be with the family this evening, not wanting to make dinner, or help with homework, or whatever else you might not want to do—stop beating yourself up about it.

Give yourself the Grace of God to either DO it or DON’T do, because the choice is yours.  You have the freedom to choose what is for your highest good; yes, you do.  Self-criticism is definitely not for your highest good.  If GOD does not criticize you, why do you criticize yourself?  Are you somehow bigger and know more about yourself than GOD?  Read Psalm 139.  It might be an eye-opener.  Be gentle with yourself and give yourself a break!

Let’s face it.  We are ALL in the midst of grieving and mourning life as we have known or lived it these so many years.  For those who are grieving personal losses, the loss of so much weight is even harder to bear.  We have lost nearly 200,000 fellow American citizens from COVID 19 to date and this alone is cause for the blanket of sorrow that covers us as a nation.  Recall the theory of six degrees of separation?  We are all in this thing together so whatever affects one affects all. It is okay for you to feel sad or down sometimes; it is even okay to search diligently for that one ray of HOPE somewhere.

Give yourself a break and stop pretending that we have experienced this life we are living before; that you can just shake it off and move on.  No one expects you to.  Each one of us is feeling our way into a new way of be-ing.

During this huge paradigm shift, it is okay to JUST BREATHE.  Sign up for a new breathing session with my colleague, Maria Cristina+ and learn how to love yourself…down to every inhalation and exhalation of your being.  Remember we are in a marathon and not a relay.  Slowing down and breathing deeply reconnects us with the ebb and flow of the rest of Creation.  It is a wonderful way to give yourself a break.

Finally, “where are you GOD in all of this?”  Where is your HIGHER POWER?  Stop beating yourself up, get quiet, and listen.  Speak gently to yourself, love yourself, do what gives you joy, be grateful, and then you will know Peace.  You are not being selfish because you are allowing GOD to love on you through you.  Ask God for the grace to receive the Love being poured out every minute.  Do enough of these things and you might discover a delightful surprise.  Emmanuel!!!

Holding you in LIGHT & LOVE,
Freda Marie