The longer I live the more expansive I seem to become and the more awesome and mysterious I discover life to be…even in these weird times.  A case-in-point revolves around a seminar that I was privileged to attend at Well for the Journey, a non-profit spiritual wellness center in Towson.  It was my first encounter with the organization although I have been on their mailing list for almost a year now thanks to our dear sister, Judy Wright.

The seminar was called Discovering the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or “Tapping” as it is generally called.  While there I met members of my Tribe; others who are living the dual-life of matter and spirit as holistically as they can.  Together we were introduced to not only the practice but also the science of the practice.  It turns out that EFT is a form of “energy psychology” and it has documented, peer-reviewed evidence of diminishing PTSD in veterans of the Armed Forces by 48%!  This, in addition to other published, peer reviewed results.  Of course, as a former scientist, I was intrigued.

The actual premise of EFT is based upon Traditional Chinese Medicine and utilizes the same principle as acupuncture and acupressure—other Eastern forms of healing which study and utilize the body’s subtle energy systems for healing.  Although Eastern medicine has made some slow inroads into traditional Western medicine like acupuncture, reflexology and acupressure, it has been the quantum scientists who have been more apt to align its concepts with quantum theory.

Nevertheless, nothing beats my own experience of using it for the first time and then several more times throughout the week. For example, as a highly-sensitive person, I am very susceptible to external energies or stressors that I then somatize and feel within my own body.   Sometimes this sensitivity expresses itself as an ache or pain or even itch in certain areas like my back.  Learning some of the initial tapping or acupressure points, I have found a way to diminish my aches without taking acetaminophen which I had previously been want to do.  I have used generalized “tapping” with really good results and have been simply amazed.  I am encouraged to take a deeper dive into exploring more long-term possibilities of EFT for healing.

As I learn more and more about things like energy systems, meridians, and chakras, I realize that LIFE is a gigantic mystery and that we humans are still babies of all that the essence of LIFE (GOD) has to teach us.  Sometimes though, I wonder “how teachable are we?”  It is pretty apparent that what we think we already know is doing little to save us (or our planet) from ourselves.  I think I will just stay open & receptive to the ONE who IS!  Awe and Mystery are wonderful things.  I am convinced GOD is both!

Staying open & receptive,

Freda Marie+