“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.

This quote has been attributed to the late Albert Einstein, German-born theoretical physicist and deeply spiritual human being.  Allegedly he spoke these words in reference to the need for a new ethical perspective in light of the development of the atomic bomb.  With the continued competition within the human species and lack of true compassion and collaboration, he believed unless the heart of humanity changed our species would annihilate itself.   Spoken during the middle of the 20th century, truer words have never been spoken given the current situations of our present day and time.

Perception creates reality and whatever we continue to perceive is magnified.  But, what if we could perceive differently and thereby affect our lives and the lives of others in wonderful, life-giving ways? What if we could know shalom more consistently right now?  What if we changed our point-of-view?  This was the message of Jesus of Nazareth preaching repentance in order to experience God (the kingdom of heaven).

Changing our perspectives, changes our reality, and Life takes on a newness previously unknown.  Our thinking shifts from darkness to light.  We begin to live life in the Spirit which is eternal, loving, and liberating.  The alternative is to live in the current temporary, unloving, and enslaving state of be-ing.  Let’s face it if we do what we have always done we will result in get what we’ve already got!  How can we make room for the creativity of Spirit?  Isn’t it time to create something better?

LIFE in the SPIRIT, is a new adult forum beginning in late February which will allow us to explore together the challenges of shifting our perspectives to create something new in our lives.   Adapted from the book, DISCOVERING OUR SPIRITUAL IDENTITY, by Trevor Hudson, we will learn and share together.  Through defining what we mean when we talk about “spirituality vs. religion” and discussing what makes for a spiritual life (a life of meaning and purpose) we begin to come to know who we truly are: Spiritual beings living in a temporal reality. As we come to understand WHO we are, we begin to perceive the connection between us and everybody else; indeed between the rest of creation.

There is a word in the Zulu and Xhosa languages of S. Africa, ubuntu.  It means “I am a person because of other persons,” and it is actually a philosophy or way-of-life which states that no one of us exists in isolation and that we are all interconnected.  True spirituality is a way of describing that connectivity.

Requirements to attend the forum are an open heart and mind and the desire to become the change you wish to see in the world.  All sessions will be on Sunday afternoons on ZOOM twice a month.  “Holy experiments” are designed and provided to help us integrate what we are learning into our everyday lives. We hope you will join us.  Watch e-Redeemer for more information.

Remember, Change your mind…change your Life!

Many blessings and Much love in this new year!

Freda Marie+