My Brothers & Sisters in Christ Jesus,

From the writings of Frederick Buechner, I’ve learned to “listen to my life,” and in that listening to recall a certain truth …Christianity is NOT a religion…it IS a lifestyle!  And if it is a lifestyle, its precepts and Presence encompasses all aspects of my life.  The big question for me now is how to integrate and make sense of the current reality I am experiencing into my understanding and dynamic image of God.  An even bigger question is, where is God in the minutiae of my life as it is now unfolding?

My baby brother did 3 tours of duty as an Army Ranger in the Middle East and describes how he felt each time he returned safely to American soil.  He said, “Freda, I tell you no lie, I got down on my knees, in the middle of the tarmac and said, “Thank you Jesus!”  Describing how much prayer has informed his life he said, “Sometimes, you just gotta go-for-what-you-know.”

Recalling his words, has caused me to think about going-for-what-you-know a lot lately. As I’ve struggled with feelings of discouragement, anger, and self-pity over these past 2— almost 3 weeks in Baltimore because I still do not have permanent housing, I’ve allowed myself to really reflect on those others who are refugees or homeless within our community and nation.  These reflections have been overwhelming if not for a central way of bringing God into the story that is our lives.

Today over lunch, time spent with a sister and brother in Christ reminded me of the most essential tool I’ve learned to use to carry me through such times as these. That tool is Centering Prayer.

You see if I live into what I profess, that CHRIST is indeed risen and ascended and that I am living in Christ  (cf John 17:22-23), then there is no-thing that can really steal my peace, take away my joy, or douse my hope.  No-thing stands in the way of the truth that I am love and I am the beloved as well; both/and.  In fact, I stand reminded that there is always an inner well of eternal water springing up within me and I can only access this well in the SILENCE.  It is at times like these when my centering prayer discipline keeps me centered and focused on the bigger picture.  Since I AM LOVE and I AM the BELOVED, I live into a reality much larger than the one of my immediate 5 senses.  I am so aware that creation by the Creator (GOD) and the co-creator (me) is ongoing and always in process.  So, I live in hope.  I KNOW my home is here, within the community of Redeemer, within the larger community of Baltimore.  It’s just a matter of Kairos, God’s time—and walking into it.  Truly, “All is well.”

With Peace and much Love,