Youth Ministries at Redeemer are facilitated by the Associate for Youth and Young Adults, Rebecca Ogus+. Contact Rebecca.

Youth at Redeemer are invited to participate fully in parish life! They may train to serve as acolytes or readers; sing in the choir or join the altar guild; participate in Youth Formation programs or Redeemer Youth Group; or join the parish in outreach and justice work. And more! For more information on current youth offerings, please contact Rebecca.

Learn more about Redeemer Youth Group (RYG)

The Diocese of Maryland has rich offerings for middle and high schoolers. Learn more about their programs here.


Confirmation is a rite of passage in the Episcopal church, a sacrament celebrated in the presence of a bishop that marks the transition from childhood to adulthood.  The class and the sacrament get their name from the action of confirming the promises that were made for a child at his or her baptism. To prepare for confirmation, confirmands take part in Confirmation Class, offered every year at Redeemer. The Diocese of Maryland recommends that confirmands be 15+ years old.  For more information on current confirmation requirements and schedules, please contact Rebecca.