Welcome to The Church of the Redeemer!

We are a vibrant, growing community, seeking to serve God in Baltimore and beyond. We are working for the good of the city, striving for justice, healing the human family, supporting neighbors near and far. We love a good challenge, and we’re nourished by laughter, excellent music, inspired teaching, and stories new and old. We cherish children, seniors, and the people in between, and we listen carefully to each other as we study and pray. We see in the life of Jesus a way to be our best selves and to build a better world.

Thank you for joining us; we are better for your presence.

The Rev. David J. Ware

The Rev. David J. Ware
410-435-7333 ext. 222



The Rev. Freda Marie S. Brown

The Rev. Freda Marie Brown
410-435-7333 ext. 228
Associate Rector for Spirituality

The Rev. Rebecca Ogus

The Rev. Rebecca Ogus
410-435-7333 ext. 229

Associate for Youth & Young Adult Ministries

The Rev. M. Cristina Paglinauan

The Rev. M. Cristina Paglinauan
410-435-7333 ext. 230
Associate Rector for Community Engagement


Ellen Chatard
Director of Program
410-435-7333 ext. 226

Robert Chrystal
Director of Contemporary Music

Barbara Hart
Administrative Assistant
410-435-7333 ext. 221

Mary Knott
Head of School, Parish Day School


Bert Landman
Organist/Director of Music Ministry
410-435-7333 ext. 227

Chuan Phan
Asst. Facilities Manager

Katrina Schisler
410-435-7333 ext. 236



Mark Schroeder
Director of Facilities
 410-435-7333 ext. 238

Thomasina Wharton
Director of the Center for Wellbeing