The Redeemer Youth Group (RYG) is made up of young people in grades 7 through 12, and the adults that support them.

Youth come from a variety of schools in the Baltimore area, public and independent. Many are members of Redeemer; some are not.

Meetings are on Sunday evenings from 4:00-6:00 p.m. We attempt to balance our program by focusing on service, spirituality, and just plain old fun. Participants from all denominations are welcome to participate in a safe, non-judgmental, and respectful atmosphere.

RYG is a community based on trust and cooperation between young adults as they navigate the complexities of the world.


RYG participates in a variety of activities during the program year.  These can range from movie nights to service projects.

Production of an annual play occupies our weekly program time from November through February. The RYG play is more than a performance. It is a way of coming together and working on a project that uses the unique gifts of every individual. During the course of production, we continue to work together, eat together, and pray together. The play creates a strong bond that unites the group and provides a foundation for the way we continue our work throughout the year.


Jesus sent the disciples out into the world in pairs. RYG members grow together and then go out in smaller groups to serve in a variety of areas, including the Honduras Mission Trip, the Paul’s Place Camp at Redeemer, Vacation Bible School, Redeemer’s church school and nursery programs, and the Episcopal Youth Event. Working on programs that help other people is an important part of our lives. We have adopted a family at Christmas, packed clothing to help the Honduras team and washed cars to raise money for Honduras. We realize at some point that we receive SO much more than we can give.


We go away on two retreats a year – in the fall, just for bonding; in the spring, with a central theme and related activities.