I was washing my face this morning and became enamored of the stream of running water.  I was amazed at the convenience, the accessibility, the sure pure JOY of having clean warm water and how good it felt on my skin.  I began to think back to times past when our great-great-great grandparents pumped water from a well or carried it in pots using sheer physical force.  I was awed at the system that had to be developed for water delivery in a community as well as sewage and waste disposal.  I realized that these are things we use every day and don’t give a second thought to G-D’s Presence in them.

Albert Einstein was once noted to have said, “He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand wrapped in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed.”  Professor Einstein was also known to take naps during the day.  Why am I raising these two actions of Einstein and how do they relate to the awe of running water?

Well, for one thing our current plumbing system is nothing short of a miracle.  I started digging around and discovered that early N. Africans built a system of copper pipes to irrigate crops from the Nile River circa 2500 BCE.  Later, the Greeks utilized the steep grade of the terrain on Crete to create an aqueduct system before Rome’s plumbing system was officially established around 500 BCE.  As I began to explore the evolution of the plumbing system of our time, I realized how magnificent was the amount of creativity amassed to bring us to what we have today.

Creativity is that one vital capacity we ALL have that is directly sourced from our Creator and is a function of our superconscious minds.  That mind is most effectively accessed when we are asleep, daydreaming, or fully present to the NOW of life.  Brief naps help us to be available to our superconscious minds.

The process of creativity begins with imagining what could be and those insights are a part of the wondrous and wonderful DIVINE mind working through and with and in our own superconscious minds.  The book of Genesis says that we are created in the divine image therefore, I believe our imagination is one vehicle where these words become truly real.  When we say that G-D is within each one of us, our creativity is only one way G-D’s Presence in, with, and through us, is realized by us.

Why is this important, you may ask, to recognize that we are already in G-D and G-D is already in us?

Just in case you haven’t noticed, Life is kind of crazy right now. But on my best days, I stand hopeful and assured without fear because G-D IS…(goodness IS, beauty IS, mercy IS, love IS, justice IS, faithfulness IS)… and I am in G-D.  I allow myself to just breathe and open up to the sphere of creative possibilities that are available to me.  This is true for anyone, including you at any time for any situation or circumstance.  When I feel afraid or anxious, I remind myself that, “GOD IS….”  This practice has allowed me to see some unimaginable and delightful outcomes!

Because G-D IS we can experience the awe and wonder of living life each and every day with clean and warm running water and flushing toilets and all the other conveniences and comforts of LIFE.   I am convinced when we are able to recognize the beauty of the IS-NESS of the DIVINE ONE throughout LIFE with Gratitude, our lives will be transformed and so will the lives around us.

Just something to think about.

Delighting in the existence of clean, warm water!

Freda Marie+